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Expert Aesthetics

Home cinemas are not just about great performance, but also about presenting a fully evolved design aesthetic that closely matches the priorities and tastes of the client. This home cinema was designed in conjunction with Pulse Cinemas to achieve fully integrated and fantastic looking room.

We have been working with Pulse Cinemas since the summer of 2020 to provide our clients with the technical expertise they need when embarking on their home cinema journey. Combining our expertise allows us to deliver a fully evolved home cinema experience that not only delivers on design but on a technical level too.

As interior designers we get involved in projects very early, having contact with architects and builders, so if an AV space of home cinema is planned, we can make sure any structural advantages such as positioning of doors or provision for equipment space, are included as soon as possible.

Our approach is very collaborative, we work with experts of all types to achieve the results the client wants. We often take our clients to the amazing Pulse showroom where they can fully understand what is possible, it fires their imagination and is a wonderful asset to have in achieving the dream cinema they aspire to.

Most often we are delivering a design concept for a whole home, so the cinema room needs to match that overall vision, but cinemas are also great spaces for including extra touches of glamour and expressing a particular look. That was certainly the case with this recent design.

Perhaps in the past when the design community was less involved, home cinema aesthetics could be a little flat and functional, but as demand rises opportunities to provide exciting design concepts that lift the whole experience have increased.

This design definitely aims to add glamour and luxury to the space, taking inspiration from the golden age of cinema. The wall panels include LEDs and Swarovski crystals creating a beautiful waterfall effect which complements the soft lighting installed in the room. The vertical lines of the wall panels are mirrored by the chandelier with its long glass cylinders.

For us home cinema is all about escapism, the objective is to make sure our clients feel transported to another world where they can relax and enjoy their favourite movie or music with family and friends.

Bringing together design and an expert technical offering, means every aspect of this room reaches the apex of where home cinema should be.


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