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Christmas Gift Ideas for Interior Design Lovers

Christmas is the perfect time to invest in gifts for the home. Most of us are spending more time inside, and such closeness with one's surroundings has inspired a need for both beautiful and functional objects.

From beautiful candles and room sprays to stylish ceramics, we've selected our favourite interior additions to give and receive this Christmas.

1. Beautiful beasts adorn this year’s new carousel from Diptyque, each of its gleaming tassels features a different enchanted animal. A magical accessory and a festive enhancement not only does it add a wonderful ambience but it smells amazing too.

2. This is for the person who looks for any occasion to celebrate. Their Christmas and New Year's Eve parties are legendary, and they're an expert at keeping everyone's glasses full. Show your gratitude by gifting them shagreen accessories; these coasters look elegant placed on a coffee or side table, adding the perfect touch of luxury.

3. Inspired by Coco Chanel's favourite flowers, this faux arrangement of creamy white camellias and peonies captures the iconic fashion designer's elegant style. Diane James arrangements are handmade in Connecticut, using a mix of natural-touch petals, lifelike foliage and preserved moss. The best thing about them? They promise to stay in full bloom forever.

4. Enhanced with a captivating copper element, these lovely vases offer an opulent appeal whilst maintaining an artisan feel, perfect for adding intrigue to your interior. Purposely cracked for a striking textural display, the palette of copper and cream work wonderfully with any aesthetic.

5. Complementing any brass or metallic tones perfectly, this exquisite box encompasses the beauty of natural marble and takes it to the next level. Effortlessly stacked in a way that invites the eye in, this box is a total surprise. Your treasures can be hidden away inside this unassuming box, whether it’s placed on a vanity or a bedside table. It would also work well as an accent on a bookshelf in a living room. Its solid Nero marble design is speckled with gorgeous creamy veins for that luxurious finish.

6. Anissa Kermiche’s range of vases capture the beauty of the female form. Now, she’s treating us with her salt and pepper shakers and, honestly, a dining table has never looked so good.

7. Originating from a beautiful boutique on the rue Saint-Honoré in 1643, Trudon has since used beeswax to bewitch and seduce generations of French royalty and considerable clientele, honing their craft of candle making. Continuing to glow glamorously in many special spots all over the world, Trudon is a perfect choice for the most elegant rooms.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, may 2021 bring you prosperity, happiness and joy.


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